Core International is a creative, consumer-focused, health-initiative founded by doctors and business people who recognize that the current health care model is broken and needs to be fixed. For over a decade, we have developed and tested one of the most comprehensive medical models to date.

Core International health. Nearly 80% of all human mortality is due to vascular disease. Core International’s core competency is the control of “silent inflammation”. Inflam-Aging is now recognized as the cause of most chronic degenerative diseases, which include heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Metabolic Syndrome, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease.

The multimedia telecommuter is a new art form that does not narrow the human spirit and will become the primary agent for transforming health in the years ahead. Core International seeks to bring about a metanoia i.e a fundamental change in how we think about life and health.

* We are transforming health through the Integral Health Model – a more complete model.
* We are optimizing the health and longevity of men and women – a more effective model.
* We are dramatically decreasing the cost of care – a more cost-efficient model.
* We are replacing the “germ theory” with “consciousness” – a more enlightened model.
* We are using HDHP/HSA’s to cover programs – a more progressive model.

For more information on our sister company please visit eternitymedicine.com

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