3 Reasons Why Core International Should Be Your Pick For Industrial Supplies

When you work in heavy-duty industries such as mining, manufacturing or electrical, it goes without saying that the right tools and equipment are integral to everything you do. Well of course you’d need proper training, solid background knowledge and plenty of experience; but if you don’t have the right tools available, your job is going to be that much harder.

Fortunately, companies such as Core International are around to depend on. With over two decades of experience and counting, it’s not entirely surprising that they’ve made a mark in the industry doing what they do. Since they’ve also got branches spread out in many countries including Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia, they’re also widely available. Featuring products from companies like mcmaster in Dubai, you can be sure that both quality and service are taken care of.

Here are some reasons why Core International really is a preferred supplier for most.


To put it simply, this means that Core International is the only supplier who will have certain industrial supply needs. In other words, manufacturers don’t send them out to other suppliers unless of course there’s some sort of agreement in place. This means that any and every time you want to get your hands on a certain product that’s sold by a certain manufacturer say mcmaster Dubai for instance, you’ll only find it at Core International. This reduces the likelihood of you being duped and walking away with a poor-quality item that cost just as much as the real thing.


This little fact should give you a realistic insight into the sheer size of Core International They represent in excess of 500 manufacturers spread across various industrial disciplines and regions. So if you’re looking for variety, then Core International is surely the place to consider. Some like to weigh out their options in terms of pricing, effectiveness and suitability which can be tough when there are barely any choices available in the first place. With over 500 manufacturing companies to choose from, you should be alright.


The other good thing about opting for Core International to supply your products is that there won’t be any middle-men as such that you know nothing about. In fact, they ship all their goods straight out from Colorado USA to pretty much any location in the world. Since they also have 6 offices positioned around the globe, they can easily liaise with them and have the necessary arrangements made. There won’t be any external third parties involved that could hinder an otherwise smooth operation. It’s careful attention to things like this that has convinced giants such as mcmaster in Dubai to select Core International as their supplier.
If you’re looking for quality, durability and impeccable after-sales services, then Core International will tick off all these boxes very easily. Many industries around the world depend on them for their needs and the company has proven itself time and again with timely, safe deliveries and closely-knitted services. Needless to say, they are very much established which makes them trustworthy and dependable; important traits any company should have.

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