Transportation Management Outsourcing – Why Everyone Is Doing It

 In the last decade or so outsourcing transportation and logistics activities to a third party has become a popular trend. Nowadays, more and more businesses seem to be relying on a logistic service provider.Let’s look at the reasons why outsourcing of logistics is taking place more frequently, and the key benefits that accompany them.

When your business uses its own manpower to be in charge of transportation management, you can be certain you are risking the employee’s attention straying from the core business. This can go to the point of employees losing focus. Many businesses have realized that distribution management and warehousing does not need to be a core skill. It is simply a consequential process of the business. This has helped third party transportation and logistic company profiles to grow and expand. Many logistics and transportation service providers offer businesses a large portfolio which includes freight forwarding, contract warehousing logistics and distribution management. If you take Core International USA, it has the ability, network, systems and infrastructure required to handle multinational customers.

If you handle transportation management, you would know the performance would be sub optimal. This is the case with many businesses attempting to handle their own logistics and transportation which have them struggling to deliver shipment on time. Time is the issue for many businesses as it has become a resource that is fleeting. How you manage your time is going to determine how far your business is going to go in the long term. Remember, modern consumers are demanding and when you add the complexity of contractors, networks, inventories and cost it is a tough call for any business to handle on its own. Thus, leading to outsourcing instead of wasting your own time.

If your business is in charge of transportation management you would have to spend a chunk of money to purchase or lease warehouses and vehicles. This is money which could otherwise be invested on various elements of the business. This has lead to many businesses removing warehousing and logistics, re-directing it to core asset investment. This is another huge benefit of hiring a third party, a professional logistics service provider to do the job.

A logistics and transportation company offers both flexibility and accountability. You can request for shipping services anytime of the day. It can be day or night, and you can be assured Core International will be there. Also, there is accountability in the sense that someone is in charge and this person will ensure the shipment reaches within the given time frame. They have the experience and expertise of handling large volumes of shipment. You can hand it over and get back to business at hand.

And you can be certain your business will be saving money through outsourcing logistics and transportation. This saving will make a difference in about 5 year’s time for your business.

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