Core International provides professional procurement of oilfield equipment and meets the supply demands of oil and gas companies in the USA and abroad. Our established connections within various sectors allow us to procure equipment and materials to our customers at an exceptional value.

We support drilling contractors and drill rig manufacturers with materials which include:

* Hooks
* Swivels
* Blocks
* Rotary tables
* Brake systems
* DrawWorks
* Mud pumps
* Rotary, vibrator, BOP, and chokes
* Triplex mud pump modules
* Clutches
* Mud pump expendables and power-end parts
* Thread compound
* Handling tools and spares
* Drill lines and slings
* Drill pipe
* Drill collars and stabilizers
* Hex kelly
* Reamers
* Fishing tools
* Wireline equipment

In conjunction with production operations we provide products which include:

* Down hole cable
* Injection skids and components
* Artificial lift equipment, rods, sucker rods, rod guides and accessories
* Pumps & pump parts
* Station electrical and instrumentation materials
* MRO products and consumables
* Bulk materials-pipes, valves and fittings
* Test equipment
* Casing packers
* Completion equipment

We also provide our customers with steel products and tubular goods. We maintain alliances with steel mills, and steel processors in the U.S. and other countries.
We Provide:

Pipe (Carbon steel)
1/8” through 36” & 42” in seamless, continuous weld, ERW, and double submerged arc weld, in a range of wall thicknesses, and coated pipe to customer specifications.

Tubular Goods (ERW and seamless tubing and casing)
Ranging from 2-3/8” tubing to 20” casing. Tubing and casing are available in grades ranging from J-55 to Q-125 threaded with API and Premium Connections.

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